Measuring for GRP Garage Doors

GRP is one of the most popular materials that we work with. At CDC Garage Doors we have extensive experience supplying and installing GRP doors to all kinds of properties. When you come to order your door you will need to take the correct measurements – here’s how to do it for the different styles of GRP garage door. If you need any further information or have specific questions on GRP garage doors you can call us on 0800 294 2002 or email

Measuring up and over GRP doors

Like any other kind of up and over garage doors, the measurement you will need for GRP will depend on the circumstances. In most cases you’ll be fitting your door either in an existing frame, inside a structural opening or in-between a structural opening.

When you work with an existing frame you only need to supply the measurements of the frame. However, in some instances it’s worth changing the frame in order to be able to buy a door that is a standard size.

If you’re ordering for a door that will be installed inside a structural opening you need to take the measurements of the height and width of the opening. You should measure multiple times and then use the smallest measurement. You also need to measure the smallest reveal both sides of the opening and the headroom from the top of the opening to the ceiling. Alternatively, if you’re ordering a door that’s going in-between a structural opening you need to measure the height and width of the opening.

Measuring sectional GRP doors

For sectional doors you are likely to be ordering for an installation that either sits inside the opening or in-between the opening. For doors installed inside the opening you should speak to us regarding the manufacturer to understand exactly which measurements are needed. When installing in-between the opening it’s usually easier – you just need the height and width of the opening as well as the depth of the garage.