The Advantages of Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors are a popular choice that can give the user a number of practical benefits. These doors are made up of connected individual horizontal panels, usually four to six of them. The hinges that connect the panels allow for the door to move through the meeting point of the door and roof, opening at a ninety degree angle. This means the door is raised vertically, before being stored horizontally beneath the garage roof, usually an area of dead space.Capture

Types of sectional doors

There is a huge choice available in sectional garage doors, from the material to the style and finish. The doors are made from wood, steel or fibreglass, depending on the individual requirements. Some locations, such as those near the coast, may opt for steel rather than timber to reduce the potential for wear and tear from sand brought in on the wind. Although, finishes such as foil-laminated panels will help protect timber while maintaining its genuine appearance.

The different types of material, along with colour range, allows for a huge variety of possible styles. From very traditional timber doors, through to designer doors to match the rest of the house, or simpler minimalist steel doors, the wide choice on offer ensures that individual touch. CDC Garages have have an extensive collection of sectional doors to suit your personal taste, and they can be installed in a range of attractive designs, tailored to meet individual requirements.

Why choose a sectional garage door

Sectional garage doors are great space savers. It has already been pointed out that the design utilises dead space in the garage roof area to store the open door. In addition, since they do not swing open like standard garage doors, cars can be parked right up against the door, making better use of the whole driveway. Similarly, any obstruction on the drive does not prevent the door itself being opened.

Since the door retracts on tracks attached to the back of the opening, the maximum drive through height and width is maintained, ideal for larger vehicles or vans, or for smaller garages. With the door opening vertically and resting in the roof space, there is less space as a whole taken up in the garage, meaning additional room can be utilised for storage. The fact that they are installed behind the door opening also increases the security of the door, as there are not any leverage points that can be easily used to gain access.

Sectional garage doors are reliable and sturdy. They are also well insulated, a handy feature for energy efficiency. Anyone using their garage space for an office or a gym will welcome this insulation, and the heat loss reduction can be quite noticeable.

CDC Garages supplies and installs these practical and attractively designed doors, which offer everything which could be wanted from a garage door. Whatever the use of the garage, these sectional doors are designed to help maximise the space available.