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Coronavirus (covid-19) Policy Statement

Suspected/confirmed cases


The Corporate Door Company are committed to actively promoting, monitoring and assessing the health and wellbeing of its staff.  Our organisation recognise the effects of work on health as well as health on work.


We shall follow government advice as detailed below.


We shall also check WWW.GOV.UK at regular intervals for any updates.


The situation remains extremely fluid and therefore this advice is subject to change.

What we will do if a member of staff or non-staff member with suspected COVID-19 has recently been in our workplace.

For contacts of a suspected case in our workplace, no restrictions or special control measures are required while laboratory test results for COVID19 are awaited. In particular, there is no need to close our workplace or send other staff home at this point. Most possible cases turn out to be negative. Therefore, until the outcome of test results is known there is no action that the workplace needs to take.

What we will do if a member of staff or non-staff member with confirmed COVID-19 has recently been in our workplace.

  • Closure of our workplace is not recommended.
  • The management team of our workplace will be contacted by the PHE local Health Protection Team to discuss the case, identify people who have been in contact with them and advise on any actions or precautions that should be taken.
  • A risk assessment of each setting will be undertaken by the Health Protection Team with the lead responsible person. Advice on the management of our staff and affected non-staff members will be based on this assessment.
  • The Health Protection Team will also be in contact with the case directly to advise on isolation and identifying other contacts and will be in touch with any contacts of the case to provide them with appropriate advice.
  • All surfaces that the case has come into contact with will be cleaned including:
  • All surfaces and objects which are visibly contaminated with body fluids.
  • All potentially contaminated high-contact areas such as toilets, door handles, telephones.
  • Public areas where a case has passed through and spent minimal time in (such as corridors) but which are not visibly contaminated with body fluids do not need to be specially cleaned and disinfected.
  • If a case becomes ill in a shared space, these should be cleaned using disposable cloths and household detergents, according to current recommended workplace legislation and practice.
  • All waste that has been in contact with the case, including used tissues, and masks if used, will be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied when full. The plastic bag will then be placed in a second bin bag and tied. It will be put in a safe place and marked for storage until the result is available. If the individual tests negative, this can be put in the normal waste.

What we will do when individuals in our workplace have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

If a confirmed case is identified in our workplace, the local Health Protection Team will provide the relevant staff with advice. These staff include:

  • Any employee in close face-to-face or touching contact.
  • Talking with or being coughed on for any length of time while the employee was symptomatic.
  • Anyone who has cleaned up any bodily fluids.
  • Close friendship groups or workgroups.
  • Any employee living in the same household as a confirmed case.

Contacts are not considered cases and, if they are well, they are very unlikely to have spread the infection to others.  However,

  • Those who have had close contact will be asked to self-isolate at home for 14 days from the last time they had contact with the confirmed case and follow the home isolation advice on WWW.GOV.UK.
  • They will be actively followed up by the Health Protection Team.
  • If they develop new symptoms or their existing symptoms worsen within their 14-day observation period they should call NHS 111 for reassessment.
  • If they become unwell with cough, fever or shortness of breath they will be tested for COVID-19.
  • If they are unwell at any time within their 14-day observation period and they test positive for COVID-19 they will become a confirmed case and will be treated for the infection.

Staff who have not had close contact with the original confirmed case do not need to take any precautions and can continue to attend

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