Garage Doors Explained: Part 1

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The inner workings of garage doors are probably not something that you have spent too much time thinking about. The main concern for most garage owners is if the space is secure and the door works as it should. However, there are crucial elements to garage doors that keep it working, and the next two articles will look into them, starting with the springs, cables and brackets.

Springs and Cables

Garage doors use a system of cables and springs to ensure they open and close correctly. The springs come in two varieties: extension springs and torsion springs. The former are mounted alongside the door track, and the latter are mounted above the door opening. The function of the cables is to keep the door springs connected to the bottom of the door. In order to ensure that your springs and cables are in good working order, you should carry out a visual inspection once every few months – a sign of a slight fault is a squeaking noise when opening and closing, but this can been rectified by oiling the springs.

One important thing to bear in mind if you are going to attempt to fix your garage door springs or cables is how tightly wound they are. The amount of tension in the cables means that if they come loose they can cause you serious harm, so if you are unsure of what you are doing, contact a professional maintenance company.


Brackets are essential in ensuring the smooth opening and closing of garage doors. Situated on either side of the garage door, they hold the aforementioned cables in place while they open and close. Regular visual inspections are encouraged, and you can adjust them yourself if they seem to be slightly loose.  However, if it looks like more comprehensive action needs to be taken, then contact a professional to come out to you and take a look. It is important that you do not loosen the upper bracket that is attached to the wall – it can cause significant damage to the door and yourself.

A lot of modern garage doors now come with anti-tamper brackets as standard, which can help prevent people from hurting themselves when attempting maintenance on their garage doors.

Knowing the inner workings of your garage door may not seem like the most pressing issue, but it can help to know the various functions of the different components, as well as any simple remedies that are available to help you solve small issues. However, as mentioned above, if you are unsure about what to do, contact the professionals at CDC Garage Doors to resolve the issue for you.

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