Make Your Garage Greener

Garages have different uses for different people. Although the garage may seem like a place to simply store vehicles or other items that don’t have a place in your home, they can also be used as additional living or leisure space, or even gyms and bars. No matter what you use your garage for, there are always ways to cut your energy usage and therefore reduce your environmental impact.

Change Light Bulbs

The traditional light bulb that is seen in homes around the world may be instantly recognisable, but it is not exactly eco-friendly compared to other bulbs. By using an energy efficient bulb, or even LED lighting for larger premises, you can save around £3 per bulb a year, which may not seem like a lot, but it will amount to around £50 over the course of the bulb’s lifetime.


Just like in most rooms in your house, insulation is a very important tool for ensuring you are as energy efficient as possible. When replacing garage doors, look for doors that have an R-value of between 13% and 17.5% – these are the ones that come with insulation built into them. Compare this to the normal garage doors that use polystyrene materials and the insulated garage doors have an R value that is almost twice as good. As well as doors, sealing cracks in walls or between window frames and walls can minimise the amount of hot air that escapes from your garage and reduce the need for central heating use.


Using standby for appliances is certainly convenient for us, but it is not convenient for the environment. Although standby modes use a lot less power than when appliances are turned on, they are still using power even when the appliance itself is not in use. For things like televisions or games consoles (if you use your garage as a living space), turning them off at the wall rather than putting them in standby mode is much better for the environment.

Solar Panels

This may not be a viable option for some, but if you are able to make the initial expense required for solar panels, and your garage is situated in the right place, the benefits that you will receive over time are fantastic. As well as being much kinder on the environment, solar panels can save you a huge amount of money over the course of their lifetime.


Giving your garage a new look or a fresh lick of paint will certainly boost its aesthetic appeal, but normal paints contain organic compounds that can be harmful to the environment. Look for eco-friendly paints when shopping – they still give the same great finish but without the extra environmental damage.

Garages may not be the most heavily used area of a home, but they still have their part to play in the energy consumption of a household. By taking heed of the tips listed above, you can reduce your environmental impact without affecting the way you use your garage.

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