Top 10 garage door security tips

garage door securityNews that crime rates in England and Wales have dropped by 15%, to their lowest level for 33 years, is welcome news for all. But as a homeowner you will no doubt be aware that you can’t rest on your laurels; vigilance and preventative measures taken against crime are the best way to avoid the devastating effects of crime perpetrated in or around your home.

If you have a garage door then this can often be seen as a weak point for most properties where all manner of things are kept that could tempt thieves.

In this article we’ve put together some top tips for keeping your garage secure.

  1. Don’t leave the remote in your car – If you have an automatic garage door it can be tempting to keep your remote handy in the car, but this means that any thief who breaks into your car will have access to your garage and possibly your house too. Keep the remote attached to your keys so you have it with you at all times.
  2.  Protect the release – Crafty thieves have developed a way of getting into certain garages with a simple push block and a hook at the top of the garage door to release the catch. If your door is susceptible to this then put a wooden cover in the way of the release to prevent the hook ever reaching this area.
  3. Don’t leave your door open – Whether you’re unloading from the garage into the house or you’re simply forgetful, make sure you close the garage door behind you as thieves are opportunistic and only need a matter of seconds to escape with your belongings.
  4. Install frosted windows – Many people don’t have windows on their garage but if you do require them, remember to get frosted windows. This will prevent thieves from being able to tell if there is anything worth stealing – especially your car.
  5. Maintain your garage door – The key to keeping your garage door strong is maintenance. If you tackle any problems quickly then you ensure the stability and security of your door. Rust and mechanical failures can make it easier to break into.
  6. Install a sturdy internal door – If your garage is directly attached to your home then any break-in can compromise the security for the rest of your home. Ensure you get a sturdy internal door fitted to prevent thieves entering easily into your home.
  7. Motion sensor spotlights – A great way to deter thieves and alert you to activity around your garage at night is to install motion sensor spotlights. Not the perfect solution if there are lots of neighbourhood cats roaming around, but they can illuminate any criminal activity.
  8. Lock your rail – If your garage runs on rails and you’re planning to leave your home unattended for a holiday then affix padlocks to the rails by cutting out holes in them. This will ensure that your garage door cannot be opened while you are away.
  9. Alarm system – To go that one step further you can install an alarm system for your garage, possibly integrating it into your home setup if they are directly attached. Wireless sensors are available if you need to avoid installing tricky wires but still want to cover your garage.
  10. Keep cabinets locked – Many people keep cabinets and chest drawers in their garage filled with odds and ends as well as expensive power tools. If you keep these locked, then any thieves who do manage to break in won’t be able to get their hands on anything valuable.

If you’d like to learn more about keeping your garage safe, or if you think you’re in need of a new garage door to increase security, simply get in touch with our professional team at CDC Garage Doors today.