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CDC Garage Doors is an independent manufacturer of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) garage doors and components.

GRP is an ideal material for the construction garage doors, being both lightweight and durable, it does not rust, warp or rot and has the same strength to weight ratio as steel.

Our garage doors are hand made to order and are available in a choice of styles to compliment your property in either gloss white or a realistic woodgrain effect with a wide range of wood tones and colour finishes.

Every garage door is finished to a very high specification and incorporates a metal and timber framework which is fully encapsulated within the structure of the door for maximum strength and rigidity.  An additional smooth gel flow coat is applied to the back of every door and the top, bottom and side edges are finished with a matching colour or wood stain effect for improved aesthetic appearance.

We are very proud of the doors that we can make.  Our team of experienced craftsmen take great care and spend time to ensure that each and every garage door is of the highest quality and as perfect as it possibly can be.

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Factory Gallery

Making GRP Doors in the Factory
Making GRP Doors on the Factory floor
Person close up detail
Person buffing the doors
Person laminating the wooden door
Buffing the green door
Close up of green door grain
Painting the garage doors
Finished product