Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors offer an unparalleled level of security, making them an ever popular choice for a wide range of our clients.

The doors themselves can be fitted with multipoint latching to provide numerous locking points ensuring that your garage and its contents are kept well protected. Our up and over garage doors are mounted on tracks that run across the ceiling of your garage, providing support to the door as it glides up and out of the way. The up and over opening mechanism makes this type of garage door a perfect candidate for automation. This is especially useful for heavy or large doors for garages that are wider than standard width, where we would definitely recommend an automated up and over mechanism as the most suitable.

The Benefits of Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are an extremely popular choice for homeowners due to their unmatched security features. With multi-point locking systems, these doors provide maximum protection by securing numerous locking points. The doors glide smoothly up and out of the way along ceiling mounted tracks, allowing convenient access for parking vehicles. Up and over doors are also perfect candidates for automation, especially useful for large or heavy doors.

  • Cost effective and budget friendly
  • Wide variety of styles and finishes to suit any home
  • Can be manually or automatically operated
  • Require less ceiling clearance than sectional doors
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Garage Doors by Leading Manufacturers

Chertsey GRP Up and Over Light Oak Black Glazing

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Novoferm - Horizontal - up and over - Anthracite Grey - white frame
Novoferm Thornby Up and Over Anthracite Grey
Hormann Vertical 2001 Black RAL 9005 Up and Over
Novoferm Horizontal Up and Over
Novoferm Naseby Up and Over White RAL 9016
Chertsey GRP Up and Over Light Oak Black Glazing
Novoferm Horizontal Up and Over White RAL 9016
Steel Garage Doors
Two GRP Up and Over Garage Doors
CDC - GRP - Kingston garage door
CDC - GRP - Betchworth
CDC - GRP -Ashtead
Three Up and Over Garage Doors
Two Timber Up and Over Garage Doors
Timber Up and Over Garage Doors
Up and Over Garage Doors

A Broad Range of Up and Over Styles

Our up and over garage doors are manufactured to reflect the individuality of our customers’ homes as well as their specific requirements, with a large variety of styles available to suit all requirements. Options include steel, timber, GRP and UPVC materials in various colours, finishes and designs to complement your home’s look. From robust metal doors to beautiful timber, our selection has a stylish up and over door for everyone.

Novoferm Up and Over Garage Doors

Novoferm offers an unparalleled selection of up and over garage doors available in a vast variety of models, colours, materials and finishes to suit any home. Their robust galvanized and powder coated metal doors are warp resistant and provide maximum protection against corrosion. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Novoferm up and over door for your needs. Download the Novoferm brochure to browse their full selection.

Garador Up and Over Garage Doors

Garador constructs their extensive range of up and over garage doors using only the finest steel, GRP, timber and UPVC materials. Their doors can be made to fit any garage opening size you have for a perfect customised installation. With strength, durability, and quality, Garador’s up and over doors will uniquely enhance your home’s exterior. Download the Garador brochure to see their wide range of styles and materials.

Cedar Doors Up and Over Garage Doors

For up and over garage doors that are both exceptionally durable and stunningly beautiful, choose Cedar Doors. Their timber doors are UK designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. With a Cedar Door, you can have a secure, functional up and over garage door that enhances your home with natural elegance and visual appeal. Download the Cedar Door brochure to view their fine collection of timber up and over doors.

Hörmann Up and Over Garage Doors

Hörmann engineers their up and over garage doors for longevity, reliability and smooth operation. Their retractable gear operating mechanism makes opening and closing effortless while providing years of trouble-free service. Hörmann offers canopy and retractable options to match your preferences. Download the Hörmann brochure to learn more about their high-quality up and over garage doors.

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What are the most popular styles of up & over garage doors?

The most popular styles of up and over garage doors are canopy, retractable, and open-out. Canopy doors have a curved design that opens outwards and upwards. This style provides an aesthetically pleasing look. Retractable doors open upwards and slide back into the garage space, providing maximum drive-through width. Open-out doors hinge at the sides and open outwards. This style is easy to operate and provides full access to the garage interior. Overall, these styles provide a good balance of visual appeal, space savings, and functionality for most homes.

What size range is available?

Up and over garage doors typically come in a range of widths from 5ft to 16ft and heights from 6ft 6in to 7ft. These standard size options will suit most residential garages. However, non-standard custom sizes can also be sourced if needed to fit a particularly large or small garage opening. The size options available provide flexibility to find a door that fits your specific garage dimensions.

How much headroom is required?

For most standard up and over garage doors, there needs to be around 30cm (1ft) of clearance space above the top of the door. This provides room for the door to open fully along its track. Retractable up and over doors need slightly more headroom at around 45cm (1.5ft) to account for the sliding mechanism. Having adequate garage ceiling height is important for proper operation.

Can I get insulation?

Yes, uPVC and steel up and over garage doors can be insulated to improve thermal efficiency. Insulated doors have an inner core filled with polyurethane foam which provides a barrier against heat transfer. This helps keep your garage space warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Insulated doors are a smart choice for energy efficiency and moderating temperature swings.

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