Manufacturer Warranty Terms & Conditions

Guarantees are subject to the conditions set out below:

  1. During the comprehensive 2 year guarantee CDC undertake to repair or replace (at its discretion), and without charge, products or components which have suffered any form of manufacturing defect. Claims must be notified within 3 days of delivery or within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect.
  2. Products covered by these guarantees must have been purchased through an authorised CDC distributor or as original equipment attached to a newly built dwelling.
  3. The warranties shall apply to normal use only. Normal use constitutes no more than 5 operations (open / close cycles per day).
  4. The warranties offered apply to the CDC product only and no consequential damages will apply no matter how caused.
  5. No liability will be accepted as a result of normal wear and tear, incorrect storage, incorrect handling, faulty installation, incorrect use or wilful damage.
  6. Claims under this guarantee must be made through the original supplier and accompanied by relevant documentation indicating the date of purchase (e.g. receipt).
  7. CDC maximum liability shall be the original purchase price inclusive of V.A.T. at the rate.
  8. Any product which is subject to a claim:
  9. I) Must have been correctly installed in accordance with the installation instructions supplied and thereafter properly maintained by a suitably experienced engineer on a regular basis.
  10. II) Must have the manufacturer’s reference number still intact.

III)  Must not have been modified in any way.

  1. Claims will not be accepted where the claim is due to:
  2. I) Impact or mechanical damage suffered during or following installation e.g. scratches, indentations, scuffs or other surface abrasions.
  3. II) Damaged caused by any form of caustic, abrasive or corrosive substance, bird droppings, fire, smoke, floodwater, salts, or abnormal atmospheric pollution.
  4. This guarantee excludes normal wear and tear on such items as cones, cables, spindles, lock cylinders, hinges or springs.

CDC G.R.P. doors are individually hand crafted products manufactured to specific customer orders. Due to the nature of the product and the hand finishing process used they may occasionally display small blemishes which do not detract from the overall appearance of the product. These are regarded as being within tolerance when such blemishes are not visible to the naked eye when viewed from a distance of 3 meters. Similarly woodgrain effect products will, like the natural material, display colour variations across their surface and colour will vary from door to door. Ordering doors to match helps to reduce this variation but will not eradicate it entirely.

Size and Deflection – the natural curing process does affect the ultimate product size and a tolerance of +6mm on both height and width is deemed acceptable. Doors in the open position may display a vertical deflection of up to 6mm per liner meter.

Translucency – may vary slightly when viewed from the inside on a bright day due to the variation in laminate thickness. This does not represent a manufacturing defect and overall performance is not affected.

Door Cleaning – periodically clean the door panel using warm water and a soft cloth or sponge, allow to dry naturally. Never use detergent, abrasive, caustic or solvent based cleaners as these may damage the door surface. Bird droppings should be removed immediately as these can be particularly caustic.

Top and Bottom Rails and End Styles – may vary in height or width between doors of the same style depending on size ordered. This is to enable us to cater for your particular size of door. Should you have any concerns please contact CDC before placing an order.

The Corporate Door Company’s policy is one of continuous improvement and we reserve the right to change the specification or withdraw any products without prior notice.

All prices and details are correct at time of going to press, March 2018, errors and omissions excepted.