FAQs About GRP Garage Doors

CDC Garage Doors is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of GRP garage doors. Standing for Glass Reinforced Polyester, GRP doors are now one of the most popular materials available. We get a huge number of questions about GRP doors, so here are some of the most frequently asked, and the answers to them.

What are the manufacturers you work with?

CDC Garage Doors strives to work with a full range of high quality and renowned manufacturers so that we can offer any kind of garage door that suits you. Some of the brands that we work with include Cardale, SWS, Hormann and many more. No matter what your requirements are, we will be able to find the perfect garage door for you.

What styles do GRP doors come in?

One of the major advantages of GRP doors is the range of styles it is available in. GRP is available as a material for a range of door mechanisms including up and over and side-hinged doors. We are always on hand to offer advice and guidance if you’re not sure which style of garage door might be best suited to you.

How soon will my door be delivered?

While we strive to provide you with accurate estimates for delivery times we are entirely dependent on the manufacturer of the doors. Each of our doors is made to order and as such we are not able to provide a guaranteed delivery date when you order. We will keep you informed at every stage of the process, however, and when your door has been manufactured we will arrange a convenient delivery and installation date.

Why should I choose GRP doors?

These doors provide excellent versatility as well as brilliant value for money – they fit seamlessly into any home. Available in a huge range of styles, colours and designs, it’s easy to find one that matches the aesthetic of your property.

Can you automate GRP garage doors?

Yes. We have extensive experience in making GRP doors automated. Get in contact with us to discuss the options available to you.

Are GRP doors secure?

Yes. GRP is a sturdy and secure material. All of our doors come with security locking as standard.

Are you able to carry out repairs on my GRP door?

Yes. With more than 25 years of experience dealing with garage doors, we can provide all sorts of repairs and maintenance on your existing door.