Measuring for Up and Over Garage Doors

At CDC Garage Doors, we are specialists in up and over garage doors dealing with everything from supplying the doors to installing them at your property. With years of experience and expertise we are always happy to provide help and guidance with getting the right doors for you. If you’ve got any questions you can give us a call on 0800 294 2002 or contact us by email to talk them through with a member of our team.

Perhaps the most important thing to get right is the measuring and when you’re getting ready to order it’s vital that you know how to measure for the doors that you’re choosing. Firstly, it’s worth knowing that in the UK, up and over doors are usually ordered by the dimensions of the sub frame. That means that you’ll usually have three options and here are how to measure for them:

When you have an existing frame

If you’re having a new up and over door put into an existing frame or you are using a new frame with exactly the same dimensions as the previous frame, this is usually the simplest way to measure for your door. In this case you simply need to measure the internal dimension of the frame. You do this by simply measuring the height and width of the frame in a number of places – using the smallest measurement. Remember that if the dimensions of the frame are close (but not quite right) for a standard door ordering size, it might make sense for you to use a new frame with those dimensions instead as this could save you both time and money.

When installing inside the opening

When working inside the opening and installing a new door, mechanism and frame it’s important to make sure that the opening is wider and higher than the door but not taller or higher than the overall size of the frame. Measure both the width and height of the opening – once again, do this in several places and take the smallest measurement. It’s also important to measure the smallest reveal width on the left and right hand side of the opening. Now you must make sure there is enough headroom – measure from the top of the opening to the lowest obstruction point on the ceiling.

When installing in-between the opening

If instead you’re installing in-between a structural opening you must measure the height and width of the opening in several places, using the smallest measurements to understand the optimal size from the frame and the door. It’s important to leave a little fitting tolerance.