What to consider when buying a side hinged garage door

Side hinged garage doors are one of the most popular styles for residential properties around the country, and it’s easy to see why. With more and more people using their garages for more than simply storing vehicles, side hinged doors are convenient, easy to access and secure. Here, we take a look at the benefits of this style of garage door, the types of garage door you can buy and what to consider before purchasing.

Cedar Door Edale design Cement Grey RAL 7033Benefits of Side Hinged Garage Doors

Side hinged garage doors make it easy to access your garage on-foot without needing to have the contents of your garage on display to passers-by. With this style of door, you can quickly get in and out without needing to open the whole door, which is great if you’re just nipping in to grab something or it’s raining and you need to be quick.

A side hinged door offers excellent levels of security while still being easy to operate. They can be made to measure to fit your property exactly, whether you want it to open from the right or left. There’s no need to bend to open the door and they require minimal maintenance, since there aren’t any complex mechanisms to worry about. With endless colours and styles to choose from, it’s a versatile style that suits virtually every home or business.


What’s The Best Material For a Side Hinged Door?

When people think of side hinged garage doors, they typically think of timber, but it’s not the only option. Timber doors can be made from various woods, from cedarwood and larch to oak, and they offer a traditional and luxurious look. Wooden garage doors can be painted or stained, but they do require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.

Steel and aluminium are another option which delivers great security and, when double skinned doors are chosen, they’re highly insulating. While steel can be cold, insulated steel doors are a great option to retain warmth and block out sound.

Alternatively, you may want a lighter weight door that’s low maintenance but still secure, which is where GRP or fibreglass garage doors are the best fit. GRP doors can be made to look like timber for the same warmth and classic appearance but with the stability and durability that fibreglass offers.

The use of high-quality and durable materials, top-quality processing and a wide variety of additional fittings give your garage a stylish appearance in keeping with the style of your home and your personal taste.

What To Consider When Buying a Side Hinged Garage Door

Before buying a side hinged door, there are a few factors to consider:

  • What size do you need? Garage doors range in sizes and can be made to measure. A member of our team can carry out a free site survey to ensure an accurate measure.
  • Will it open from the left or right? A convenient aspect of side hinged doors is they can be adapted to suit your access needs.
  • Manual or automated? Side hinged doors can be opened and closed manually while automatic garage doors are convenient and more secure.
  • Does the door open in or out? Outward opening means you have more space in your garage, but if you have a shorter drive, an inward opening might be more practical.
  • Which colour should you choose? You may want to match your garage to your property, or create a statement with a bold shade.
  • Which hinges and handles do you want? From brass and black to brushed steel, hinges and handles come in a range of styles to match the rest of your home.

Side hinged doors make for an excellent home investment, delivering great security and convenience for property owners. They’re adaptable to your property, from the split of the doors to the hinge placement and openings, and there are countless ways to customise your door to make it perfect for your home or business. At CDC Garage Doors, we’re experts in GRP garage door installation and we operate across the South East of England. Contact us today to arrange a free site survey or to find out more about our products.