How to install a garage door

sectional garage door

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an ageing garage door, selecting the right design, material and colour can elevate the look of your exterior while providing secure, reliable access to your garage. However, the process of garage door installation can be overwhelming, with a wide range of options available and numerous factors to consider.

From understanding the different materials and their respective benefits to navigating the installation process itself, there’s a lot to think about. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through every step of the garage door installation journey, equipping you with the knowledge and insights you need to make informed decisions.

Choosing The Right Garage Door

Selecting the perfect garage door for your home involves careful consideration of various factors, including material, style and operation. The material you choose will impact the door’s durability, insulation properties, maintenance requirements and overall cost. We specialise in GRP garage doors which are manufactured in-house, but we also provide a wide range of wooden and steel garage doors too from leading manufacturers.

Steel garage doors are known for their strength, low maintenance and affordability, making them a practical choice for many homeowners. Wooden garage doors, on the other hand, offer a classic and warm aesthetic, but require more maintenance and may be more susceptible to weather damage. GRP doors combine the benefits of various materials for enhanced performance, incredible durability and a lightweight structure.

In addition to materials, you want to consider the operation style. Up-and-over garage doors offer a classic design and are popular due to their simplicity and ease of use. Roller doors, on the other hand, are known for their space-saving qualities, rolling up vertically into a compact coil, making them ideal for garages with limited headroom. Meanwhile, side-hinged garage doors offer a traditional aesthetic and are suitable for garages where ceiling space is limited. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences, space availability and functional requirements.

Choosing The Colour

Choosing the right colour and finish is also essential – it can either complement or clash with your home’s exterior. Neutral tones like beige, grey and white are timeless choices that blend seamlessly with most colour schemes, while bold hues like red or blue can make a statement and add personality to your property. All of our doors are available in a wide range of colours via the RAL colour matching system, so no matter what colour you need to match or complement your home’s exterior, we can manufacture it.

Getting a Free Quote and Site Survey

You want to be sure the door you choose is right for your needs and your property, so to help you make the right decision, we offer all our customers a free, no obligation quote for any garage door type. During the planning phase of your garage door installation, we’ll carry out a free survey of the site and will be able to advise you on all aspects of the project, from the best direction for opening to optimise space to finishes for your local climate.

We’ll provide precise measurements of the opening to ensure that the new garage door is properly sized to assessing the surrounding area, including the ceiling height, side room clearances, and any potential obstructions that could impact the installation process. Additionally, we’ll discuss your preferences for your new garage door, like insulation or automatic openers.

This information will be used to provide you with an accurate quote that accounts for the cost of the door, as well as the installation itself. You’ll then have all the necessary information available to make the right decision on your new garage door.

The Garage Door Installation Process

The installation of a new garage door involves a multi-step process that requires the expertise of trained professionals. Before the work begins, our garage door installers will carefully remove your old garage door and prepare the opening by inspecting and reinforcing the structural components, such as the jambs and support beams, to ensure they can safely accommodate the new door’s weight and operation.

Next, the new garage door panels will be assembled and installed onto the vertical tracks that guide the door’s movement. This process involves precisely adjusting the tracks to ensure smooth and level operation. The horizontal tracks that support the door when it’s open will also be securely mounted.

If you’ve opted for an automatic garage door opener, the installers will also install the motor unit and connect it to the door’s operating mechanism. The opener is then programmed, tested and you’ll be provided with instructions on its proper use and maintenance.

Throughout the installation process, the team will pay close attention to safety measures, such as properly tensioning the door springs and ensuring that all components are securely fastened and aligned. They will also conduct thorough testing to verify that the new garage door operates smoothly, quietly and according to manufacturer specifications.

The duration of the installation process can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, but most standard garage door installations can be completed within a day. Once the installation is complete, the crew will clean up the work area, ensuring that your property is left in pristine condition.

Disposing of Your Old Garage Door

When you install a new garage door, one crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is the proper disposal of your old door. Responsible disposal not only helps protect the environment but also ensures compliance with environmental regulations. We can handle the removal and disposal of your old door for a fee. This saves you the hassle of figuring out how to dismantle and transport the old door yourself, and ensures the door is disposed of responsibly.

If you choose to handle the disposal yourself, it’s important to research your local regulations and find authorised disposal sites or recycling facilities that accept garage door materials. Improper disposal, such as dumping the door illegally or burning it, can result in fines and environmental damage.

Installing a new garage door is a significant investment that not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also provides security, convenience and potential energy savings. From selecting the ideal material and style to navigating the installation process and ensuring proper disposal of your old door, we can help you with the full process – contact us to discuss your garage door installation.