4 Common Garage Door Problems & How To Fix Them

The installation of a quality garage door elevates your home’s functionality and aesthetics, promising years of smooth operation. Yet, what if glitches arise? Let’s delve into the realm of common garage door issues and equip you with solutions.

Cedar Door Side hinged - Ebony finish

1. Restricted Movement: The Door Won’t Fully Open or Close

Encountering a stubbornly jammed or improperly closing garage door? Begin by inspecting the door’s surroundings both inside and out for potential obstructions. Often, a small stone, a piece of gravel, or garden debris lodged in the door mechanism can be the culprit. The inside might harbour poorly stored garden tools or objects that hinder movement. Ensure the door’s path is free from hindrances. If the issue persists despite your efforts, seek assistance from CDC Garage Doors’ repair service for a thorough evaluation.

2. Stiff Tracks and Unyielding Rollers

When your garage door becomes an effort to open and close due to excessive weight, examine the tracks for debris or hindrances impeding smooth operation. A simple cleaning with a cloth can ease roller movement. Apply lubrication where needed. Inspect the rollers for signs of damage, and if repairs or replacements are warranted, our repair team stands ready to assist.

3. An Unresponsive Automatic Door

A sudden halt in your automatic garage door’s operation requires preliminary steps. Check the remote’s battery for replacement needs. If the remote functions but the door remains unresponsive, a more intricate issue might be at play, involving motor, tracks, or springs. Professional intervention is warranted. Initiate a prompt response by contacting CDC Garage Doors’ repair technicians for an on-site assessment.

4. Reluctance to Remain Open

When your garage door fails to stay open or droops slightly upon opening, the springs could be the root cause. Whether torsion springs along the door’s top frame or extension springs on its sides, age-induced tension loss or complete failure can render them inadequate to support the open door’s weight. Engage a garage door repair specialist to realign, repair, or replace these vital components.

At CDC Garage Doors, we understand that wear and tear can affect even the finest doors due to usage, accidents, neglect, or unforeseen damage. Our skilled team of technicians provides comprehensive repair services for garage doors in and around Dorset. Furthermore, we offer an array of spares and accessories, ranging from springs, rollers, cables, handles, locks, to remotes and sliding door gears. Reach out to us today at 01202 348241 to discuss your needs and embark on a journey towards garage door solutions.