GRP Garage Doors – the best of them all?

As the winds of innovation blow through the world of garage doors, GRP (glass reinforced polyester) emerges as the frontrunner, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional steel and wooden alternatives. Offering a robust solution backed by modern engineering, GRP transcends mere materials; it signifies strength, durability, and a harmonious blend of security and style.

CDC Garage Doors proudly stands at the forefront as a premier supplier of GRP garage doors in the Southern region of England. If you’re contemplating a garage door upgrade, consider the compelling reasons why GRP should undoubtedly top your list.

CDC - GRP - Betchworth

Unrivalled Performance, Unyielding Strength

Unveiling the layers of GRP reveals its unyielding strength. The outer shell, a weather-resistant guardian, safeguards your vehicle and possessions against the elements – wind, rain, and snow bow before its resilience. Encased within is an invisible insulated thermal lining, a composition that ensures warps and bumps remain strangers even in the face of weather adversities. Security finds its ally in GRP; its inherent robustness lends itself seamlessly to be equipped with advanced locking systems, fortifying your peace of mind.

A Shield Against Rust and Fading

Unlike steel counterparts, where rust and corrosion often carve a path, GRP stands impervious to salt’s corrosive touch. Coastal homes, often tormented by salty air, find solace in the unwavering strength of GRP. Geography is no constraint; whether by the seaside or amidst rolling hills, GRP safeguards your abode, promising years of unwavering service. Further, the vibrancy of GRP is everlasting – its fade-proof nature ensures that even the boldest of hues remain untouched by time’s hand, eliminating the need for repainting.

Design Diversity, Boundless Choice

Enter the realm of design possibilities with GRP. The material’s flexibility gives birth to an array of sleek designs and a kaleidoscope of colours. For those drawn to the allure of a traditional woodgrain aesthetic, GRP presents an uncanny mimicry, rendering it virtually indistinguishable from its wooden counterpart. Herein lies the beauty – relish the rustic charm your home craves, free from the worries that accompany wooden garage doors.

CDC - GRP - Kingston garage door

Minimalist Maintenance, Lasting Elegance

Embrace the elegance of effortless maintenance with GRP. Boasting durability that defies warping, corrosion, and colour fading, GRP garage doors demand little in the way of upkeep. Their robust nature withstands the tests of time, shrugging off impacts that would leave lesser doors marked. A simple swipe with a damp cloth preserves the allure, leaving your GRP garage door perpetually youthful.

The CDC Garage Doors Collection

Dive into our diverse range of GRP garage doors, an assembly that encompasses styles echoing traditional timber, sleek up and over designs, and classic side hinged options. Browse our Gallery for a virtual journey, CDC Garage Doors beckons you to explore this world of innovation and excellence. Contact us today and embark on a voyage towards a garage door that symbolises more than mere entry; it encapsulates strength, style, and the future of garage door technology.