Secure Your Home with Novoguard Garage Doors

As a homeowner, one of the most vulnerable entry points to your property is the garage door. Ensuring the security of your garage door is crucial to prevent breaking and entering. Novoguard garage doors are designed to provide enhanced security and reliability for peace of mind while protecting your valuables. Novoguard garage doors use high-quality materials and features to maximise security for homeowners. Follow these tips to improve the safety of your garage door:

Secured By Design1. Install Safety Sensors

Safety sensors, placed at the bottom of the garage door opening, emit an invisible beam across the doorway. If anything interrupts this beam while the door is closing, the sensor detects it and signals the opener to stop and reverse the door. This prevents the door from closing on pets, children, or objects in its path, avoiding injuries and damage. Select sensors that can operate reliably in all weather conditions.

2. Add a Security Bar

A garage door security bar is usually made of heavy-duty steel that spans the entire width of the door. Securely fitting a bar across the inside of your closed garage door adds a formidable barrier for intruders trying to lift the door from the outside. It also prevents the door from being blown open by strong winds. Look for a bar that is easy to install and remove quickly when needed.

3. Use a Deadbolt

A deadbolt lock adds significant strength against forced entry compared to standard doorknob locks on garage doors. The heavy bolt extends deep into the door frame when locked, preventing the door from being kicked in or jimmied open. For commercial buildings you can get a high quality deadbolt designed for garage doors that is ANSI grade 1 certified.

4. Close and Lock the Door

Develop the simple habit of keeping garage doors closed and locked at all times when not in use, even when at home. Open doors are tempting opportunities for thieves. Closing the door also keeps out blowing leaves, dust, and other outdoor elements. Reinforce this with kids and house guests. For added convenience, install an automatic garage door lock.

5. Inspect the Door Regularly

Visually inspect garage doors monthly for any signs of damage, loose parts, or malfunctions. Check that all hardware is tightened properly. Make sure safety sensors are clean and aimed correctly. Replace any worn or defective parts like springs, rollers, and hinges. Properly maintaining the door improves safety and security. Consider an annual professional inspection/tune-up.

Novoguard’s Extra Security Features

Novoguard offers additional features to further enhance garage door safety:

  • Photocell sensors to stop the door if objects are detected
  • Safety edges to prevent the door crushing objects
  • Anti-lift devices to stop the door being forced open
  • Security alarms that activate if the door is tampered with

Securing your home starts with a Novoguard garage door. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your property with secure and reliable garage doors.